Connect Groups

Connect groups are small groups of people that meet together in homes on a regular basis. The Bible teaches us that first century followers of Jesus met as a large group in Solomon’s temple courts, and they also met as smaller gatherings in homes on a weekly basis. At Catch The Fire Scarborough we do the same.

Join a Catch The Fire connect group to get plugged into our church family and help you go deeper with God!

Leaders: Amanda Yuill & Cavion Chen
Meeting: Tuesday @ 7:30 pm (weekly)
Group Type: Mixed – Adults
Main Intersection: Pharmacy Ave. & Ellesmere Rd. (Map)
Email Amanda; Email Cavion

Leaders: Mike and Kari Razo
Meeting: Tuesday @ 7:30 pm (bi-weekly 2nd & 4th weeks)
Group Type: Mixed – Adults
Main Intersection: Whites Rd. and Sheppard Ave. (Map)
Email Mike and Kari

Connect-Rachel And Kajan
Leader: Kajan and Rachel Komvinthu
Meeting: Wednesday @ 6:55 pm (weekly)
Group Type: Youth Group
Address: 100 Lansbury Dr, Scarborough, Ontario
Email Rachel


Leaders: Gerald and Mae Frotten
Meeting: Wednesday @ 7:30 – 9:30 pm (weekly)
Group Type: Mixed – Seniors
Where: 39 Leacrest Rd. #1 (Bayview and Eglinton)
Email Gerald; Email Mae


Leaders: Alexandre and Vivien Chenu
Meeting: Wednesday @ 8:30 pm (weekly)
Group Type: Mixed – Adults (Worship & Intercession Emphasis)
Main Intersection: Markham Rd. & Bur Oak Ave. (Map)
Email Alex

Leader: Anna Cutz
Meeting: Thursday @ 7:00 pm (bi-weekly 1st & 3rd weeks)
Group Type: Women’s group
Main Intersection: Warden Ave. & Finch Ave. E. (Map)
Email Anna

Leader: Junko
Meeting: After church from 1 – 2pm the last Sunday of the month
Group Type: Anyone is welcome
Address: at the church in the VIP room
Email Junko

Leaders: Jennifer and Valleymay
Meeting: 2nd and 4th Friday of the month 7-9 pm
Group Type: Anyone is welcome
Where: Brimley and Lawrence
Email Jennifer and Valleymay

Leaders: Lyn and Sunnit John
Meeting: Thursdays 7:30 – 9:30 pm
Group Type: Anyone is welcome
Where: 197 Brimorton Dr. (Ellesmere and McCowan)
Email Lyn and Sunnit John

Leaders: Jacque and Ferdinand Mateo
Meeting: Every 2nd Saturday from 7 – 9 pm
Group Type: Anyone is welcome
Where: Lawrence and Morningside
Email Jacque and Ferdinand Mateo