• Discipleship Training Courses

We believe your Father wants you to continue to grow in three primary areas: loving God, loving others and loving yourself. Each of our training events will help you develop leadership skills, strengthen your relationship with the Father, improve your day-to-day relationships and provide you with valuable tools to help you get through every day. Click here for courses hosted at Catch The Fire Scarborough. Click here for courses hosted at Catch The Fire Toronto.

Encounter Weekend

These life-changing weekends provide opportunities for you to encounter God’s love and allow Him to work deeper in your life. They are a safe place to deal with issues from the past, receive inner healing, deliverance and prayer ministry. Allow yourself to soak up God’s presence at an Encounter Weekend and you will be forever changed! We encourage everyone who attends Catch The Fire to attend an Encounter Weekend.

School of Champions

School of Champions (SoC) is a discipleship program to raise up leaders in the Kingdom of God. Each School has 20 one-hour blocks of teaching, small group discussion and ministry time. There are three levels of School of Champions: SOC 1 (Catch The Fire Values and Growing in God), SOC 2 (Spiritual Disciplines and Small Group Dynamics), SOC 3 (Leading a Small Group and Ministry Skills). Read more about School of Champions.

International Leaders School of Ministry (ILSOM)

This one-week school is designed to train, equip and minister to leaders and people who have a heart for ministry and revival. It will help remove obstacles that can hinder our relationship with God and reduce our effectiveness in fulfilling His calling on our lives. You will learn how to hear God’s voice, become secure in the Father’s unconditional love, be set free from hurts and oppression, how to effectively minister with the Holy Spirit in the power and anointing of Jesus Christ, and learn the keys to be successful in long-term ministry. It will be a time where God can restore and refresh you, as well as bring vision and passion to you for Himself and His call on your life.

FIRE Weekend

A FIRE Weekend is a condensed version of the ILSOM, covering teaching and ministry on select ILSOM topics. FIRE Weekends are generally done over two weekends. All the core teachings of Catch The Fire are covered and this is a great way for those with limited time available to still receive life-transforming teaching and ministry empowered by the Spirit.

School of Ministry

Catch The Fire’s School of Ministry in Toronto is a training hub where young adults hungry for a deeper relationship with God are equipped and commissioned to encounter God and impact the world with His love. We have 4 modules available: Heart, Worship, Advance and Leaders Modules. All of our modules are infused with the same values: love of the Holy Spirit, pursuit of Godly transformation and bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. They are designed to impact students at a heart level, bringing revelation, transformation, and empowering students to live with passion. Click here to learn more.